Jason Sauer Art

The art of Jason Sauer. Pittsburgh PA.

The art of Jason Sauer. Pittsburgh PA.

Jason Sauer creates art from objects locally sourced from his environment and uses the art to create dialogue with in his community. From PPG Paint & Alcoa Metal for paintings, to recycled materials for sculptures, or smashing cars in the demolition derby as performance art, Jason Sauer shows the power of rebirth.

COMMUNITY ART MAKINGFirst Green+Screen design team

Jason makes sculptures with the Green+Screen program which focuses on creating architectural screens and landscaping to beautify Penn Avenue. The projects use “green” materials that often include plants to “screen” the view of empty lots or parking lots. G+S projects continue or echo the façade of neighboring buildings or use median strips between sidewalk and paved lots.

In the program’s first three years, G+S installed six projects – at 4903, 5105, 5160, 5111, 5200, and 5416 Penn Avenue – and participated in a clean up of 4810, thanks to volunteers organized by the ecoDesigners Guild.

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Jason Sauer has been a teacher through Most Wanted Fine Art partnership with the Goodwill Learn to Earn where he teaches screen printing & general contracting to young men recently released from residential facilities. For this  program was honored as “Best Job Site in Western PA”.

He has taught print making classes and done demos with Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh, I Made it Market, The Public Market, Pittsburgh Earth Day, & more.

He taught screen printing & community service at Summit Academy and was an Adjunct Professor at The Community College of Allegheny County where he instructed classes on Printmaking, Photography, Pottery, and more.



Jason Sauer can create art on any surface. He has been commissioned to paint buildings, cars, and even dumpsters.


Jason Sauer uses the demolition derby as his slice of the American Dream, driven by his lifelong fascination and participation in this Appalachian folk tradition.

The Jason Sauer Car Metal Artentire process is a form of art for him. Once a year, since 1995, Sauer has chosen a car, made it a work of art, and then participated in the Demolition Derby at the Great Stoneboro Fair, in Western PA. Sauer personally drives the painted car in each derby, smashing it, and then use it’s pieces in other works that usually center on “Love letters from home”. His time in the Army gave him a new sentiment of on home. Military, prisoners, and travelers all seem to have a snap shot of love, life, and family in their minds, romanticizing those elements that are just out of their grasp. Sauer tries to capture this struggle and ideal in his art pieces. He examines the ideas of love and death, using an American icon, the car, as a surrogate.

A reminder of death is a reminder of love.

He creates metal sculptures & other 3 dimensional art works out of the wreckage of each car.

In addition to creating art out of car metal, Jason Sauer is a classically trained painter. Sauer uses a hybrid of Flemish & Western European Impressionist painting styles to create a Rembrant effect that has a still life quality to it.


These paintings are on Aluminum plate with direct to metal PPG Paint in a hand made wood frame. The average 23 inches x 23 inches. Jason Sauer does custom paintings. Email mostwantedfineart@gmail.com for quotes. Sauer especially enjoys painting dogs.


Custom Paintings by Jason Sauer, Artist Pittsburgh PA. Aluminum plate with direct to metal PPG Paint in a hand made wooden frame.

Custom Paintings by Jason Sauer, Artist Pittsburgh PA. Aluminum plate with direct to metal PPG Paint in a hand made wooden frame.