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pittsburgh art car

Project Description:

Demolition Derby. Since 1995, Jason Sauer has chosen a car, painted it artistically, and then participated in an American folk art performance of Demolition Derby at the Great Stoneboro Fair. This event sells out each year with over 6,000 people in attendance. He doesn’t always win but cars always get smashed and sometimes the family comes home with a trophy.

The Art Car Tour: The wrecked car is used as a conceptual sculpture, which will be taken on tour September 2014. This is MWFA’S third annual art car tour with their conceptual art demolition derby car. Most Wanted is made up of Jason Sauer, his wife Nina Sauer, toddler son Rowdy, plus 2-3 live painting artists. The “most wanted” themed art piece builds with each city.  The couple takes mugshots of people in each city and wheat pastes it directly on to the car as well as uploading the image to social media. This allows the participant to be part of the trip and follow the adventures. In addition artists live art battle each other through out the presentation. Painting the car as well as found objects.

MWFA kicked off the idea in June of 2012 and has made it an yearly event with Rust Belt Rivalry: Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland. Pittsburgh artists went to Waterloo Art District in Cleveland and live art battled through out the festival.

The project has already visited Columbus OH, St Louis MO, Longview TX, Houston TX, New Orleans LA, Jacksonville FL, Outer Banks NC, Cary NC, and Elkton VA in 2012. The summer of 2013 MWFA toured Columbus OH, Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, and New York City for the World Maker Faire.

Sculpture and Art: The remains of the car will be further transformed into a large sculpture that art viewers can interactive with in a new way. Now not only will they see the damage of the derby, the faces from the tour, but they will also be able to experience it. The car will be equipped with video equipment that shows a derby experience (that it captured during the actual derby).  The further remains will be cut up and created into paintings and hanging sculpture.