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Since 1995, Jason Sauer has chosen a car, painted it artistically, and then participated in an American folk art performance of Demolition Derby at the Great Stoneboro Fair.

“I use regenerative and destructive forces to create my sculptures and paintings.”

Jason Sauer is an artist who lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A classically trained painter holding a BFA and an MFA, Jason has created everything from large outdoor murals to small Flemish-inspired impressionistic paintings. Born into a family of demolition derby participants, Jason uses the distinctly American pastime as a high-art form. By reclaiming discarded automobiles and transforming them into abstract sculptures, he enables each piece to simultaneously evoke excitement and a sense of the terror of the collision.

In addition to car metal, Jason works with locally sourced objects and uses his art to create a dialogue within his community. His lauded compositions redefine the power of rebirth while challenging viewers’ sense of and longing for home. Having been featured in many publications and the recipient of many awards.