Most Tooned in Hero’s Tale: Best of the Burghosphere

Best of The Burghosphere: Most Tooned in Hero’s Tale written by Nina Sauer

Best of the Burghosphere

Best of the Burghosphere

Today kicks off National Blog Post Month and the Best of the Burghosphere 2015 in Pittsburgh. Best of the Burghosphere is a brand new project, where Most Wanted Fine Art is teaming up with Pittsburgh Bloggers to acknowledge and honor the contributions of bloggers through Pittsburgh’s blogosphere (aka “Burghosphere”) with an awards celebration. Those of us participating were assigned each others’ blogs at random. We were to familiarize ourselves with the blog and come up with a creative award for the blogger. Read all the participating blogs

So with out further ado I present Thought in Mind the “Most Tooned in Hero’s Tale” award as part of the Best of the #Burghosphere.

There are so very many things I love about this blog and its author. We share many commonalities from the fact that both our father’s are named Floyd, to a love for Prince, and comic books, even the fact that we both attended the same college. “Thought in Mind” is definitely a blog with my interests at heart.

THOUGHT IN MIND is a self described “ catch-all for everything that feels important enough to its creator to merit elaboration — often lengthy ones! Subject matter ranges from the introspective to the topical, sometimes about current events and other times about long-ago experiences. Posts typically include original drawings or photos, and sometimes both. No matter how specific some entries are, it is hoped there is also always something universal about the content that all readers can appreciate. In the end, it’s all an exploration of whatever thoughts are in the author’s mind.”

That author is Marcel Lamont (M.L.) Walker a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, comic-book creator, writer, and photographer. He taught comic-book creation classes and workshops at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts for several years. He continues to instruct at Pittsburgh’s ToonSeum, The Museum of Cartoon Art, where he has also contributed to their NORTH and OAKLAND anthology comic-books. His freelance projects include CHUTZ-POW! SUPERHEROES OF THE HOLOCAUST and COMIC-TANIUM! THE SUPER MATERIALS OF THE SUPERHEROES. In his independently published comic-book HERO CORP., INTERNATIONAL, his friends and associates have been re-imagined in a world of corporate American superheroes.

You can see Marcel’s art during “The Art of Blogging” show at Most Wanted Fine Art on First Friday Unblurred Gallery Crawl Opening. A group exhibit exploring blogging as an art form and the other art that bloggers do in their “off time”. Artists include: Vanessa German, Joe Wos, Marcel Lamont Walker, Wayne Wise, Thomas Waters, Amanda Narcisi, Maria Lupinacci, Sally Deskins, John Chamberlin, Diana Loll, Raylene Hoover, Melissa Firman, & MWFA Resident Artists: Sue Kerr and Genevieve Barbee.

M. L. Walker

M. L. Walker

There are two “awards” celebrations for BEST OF THE BURGHOSPHERE. You can RSVP on Facebook

  • The 21+ party is Friday November 20 at Most Wanted Fine Art in Garfield

  • The family friendly party is Sunday November 22

It is $5 donation for admission to the events cash at the door (proceeds benefit the Resident Artists project) but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

tee shirt orders are being placed using a ticketing system and each shirt gets you admission into the event. its a ticket you can wear! The link is here