Holiday Joy in Garfield

In a heartwarming collaboration, the Most Wanted Car Club joined forces with the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation to spread holiday cheer to the East End community. This year’s “Saving Christmas” project was a resounding success, impacting 50 families and 110 children.

Through the incredible generosity of donors such as Mary Beth Niksic, Fox Bear designs, Michelle Richard, Abigail Wasicek, Wayne Alling, Dianne Lyle, Amy Mercuri, Kelley Wasicek, Paul Nawrocki, Shawn Romesburg and the Ramrod family, Cassandra Turner, Andrew Nauroth, Brian Kopel, David Kettlewood, Cioppa Racing, Mike Tix & Family, Tim Johnson, Joey D, Tim Wakefield, Marjie, Harry Boyer & Family, Steven Sickles & Melony Reid, Jill & Breeze Charlton, Brandon & Brandi Leech and many others, the collaborative effort raised $1726. These funds were used to purchase a gift card for each child, along with two toys. The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation organized the initiative and provided every child with a warm coat and arranged karaoke for entertainment, while Assemble facilitated engaging crafts.

Caliente Pizza & Draft House contributed to the festivities by generously donating 50 pizzas for the families. Meanwhile, Amy E Drevenak showcased her baking talent by preparing and donating 350 cupcakes for the party. The event featured Harvey FRZY Daniels as Santa, accompanied by Clutch Marles as Elf, bringing smiles and holiday cheer to the children.

Kelly O’Connor of Kelly O’s Diner demonstrated the power of community collaboration by generously donating breakfast for all the volunteers. Shannon Kenyon contributed her photography services, capturing the joyous moments, and Kai Devenitch added a creative touch with donated artwork.

The Most Wanted Car Club expresses profound gratitude to all supporters, donors, and volunteers who made this impactful event possible. Their collective efforts have created lasting memories for the children in the East End community, embodying the true spirit of the holiday season.

About Most Wanted Car Club and Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation

The Most Wanted Car Club, an extension of the Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery, is proudly sponsored by the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation (BGC), a distinguished 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Since 1976, BGC has been dedicated to engaging community members in initiatives for physical revitalization, economic improvement, and enhanced well-being, with a focus on low-income individuals and families in Garfield and surrounding neighborhoods.

For further information about Most Wanted Car Club and โ€œSaving Christmas,โ€ please contact:

Most Wanted Car Club c/o Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation (BGC)

Address: 113 N. Pacific Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Email: [email protected]