PGH Art Car Rolls into Stifel Fine Arts In Wheeling WV #OpenOnPenn

#Open On Penn Art show Flyer 2017-Print copy

Pittsburgh Art Car is excited to be part of this awesome exhibit of Penn Ave Culture! We will be on site for the opening with two functional art cars and an art car sculpture #PGHFamous.

#OpenOnPenn: An exhibition of artworks and historic items representing Penn Ave Arts.

Opening Reception Sept 7, 2017

Hart Galleries, Stifel Fine Arts Center
1330 National Road, Wheeling, WV 26003

Show hangs til end of October. If you can’t make the opening reception make sure to stop by during regular business hours!

The Penn Avenue Arts District sprung from the Penn Avenue Arts Initiative, a collaboration created in 1998. (4800-5500 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15224). This exhibit presents not only artworks that represent the vibrant cultural exchange of the Main Street but also a glimpse at history and the changes with in a community through newspapers, photographs, and other items. Curated jointly by The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation and Most Wanted Fine Art; featured artists include Jason Sauer, Danielle Robinson, D.S Kinsel, J.R Holtz, and Sam Thorp. Plus many more artists representing the vibrant arts scene of Penn Ave. 


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Alisha Wormsley
Alison Zapata
Bekezela Mguni
Beth Ann McClone
Bob Ziller
Brian Cottington
Carolyn Pierotti
Carolyn Wenning
CAT Conley
Chris Ivey
Cristina Morrow
Danielle Robinson
David “C-Doc” Snyder
D.S Kinsel
Elizabeth Barreto Ortiz
Jason Woolslare
Jason Angst
Jason Sauer
Jill Charlton
Joshua Hogan
JR Holtz
Julie L. Mallis
Kai Devenitch
Kati Zmenkowski
Kenneth Neely
Kyle Ethan Fischer
Laura Jean McLaughlin
Macabre Noir
Maggie Negrete
Marcel Lamont (M.L.) Walker
Mario Josie Ashkar
Matt Spahr
MFONE (Rest in Peace)
Michael Galone
Michael Moessner
Nick Henderson
Nina Bell Gibbs Sauer
Nina Marie Baubuto
Njaimeh Njie
Oreen Cohen
Rashad Jamal
Ryan Dunmeyer
Ryder Henry
Rob Warren
Sam Thorp
Scott Charlton
Shawn Farester
Steph Sciullo
Susan Wagner

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Stifel Center Hours
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