Jason Sauer 2019 Appearances

Jason Sauer has charted a course of fun & destruction across the country for 2019.

To see dramatic head to head collisions and artistic expression, combine for a force for the senses, join Jason Sauer at any of the following dates.

There will be meet & greet opportunities plus

paintings, shirts and new art books available for purchase.

Each book contains 25 full color demolition derby cars

and 15 pages of bright paintings created by Jason Sauer.

This 40 page high quality book is full of art that all ages are sure to enjoy.

If you would like to request a book at this time

email [email protected] prices are $10 per book.

Feb 9

Southern Nationals Demolition Derby

Hillborough county fairgrounds

team most wanted fine art- 2 man team show


Feb 17


Fat Village Ft Lauderdale


March 23

Bluegrass Bash Demolition derby

Freedom Hall Kentucky

with The Cioppas


March 29

Las Vegas Nevada Demolition Derby– Plaza Hotel


May 10th

May Mania Demolition Derby– Ogden Utah


May 31

Artist in Residence at John Lysak Studio PlumB Editions- Olympia Washington

Aug 3

Keystone Nationals Demolition Derby– Brookville PA


Aug 30

The Great Stoneboro Fair Demolition Derby – Stoneboro PA


Nov 7

Blizzard Bash– Topeka Kansas


Dec 5

Basel House Mural Festival– Miami Florida


Since 1994, Jason Sauer has chosen a car, painted it artistically, and then participated in an American folk art performance of Demolition Derby. Born into a family of demolition derby participants, Jason uses the distinctly American pastime as a high-art form. By reclaiming discarded automobiles and transforming them into abstract sculptures, he enables each piece to simultaneously evoke excitement and a sense of the terror of the collision.