Hamptons Art Fair

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of art, where creativity meets the unexpected! We are thrilled to announce that the renowned artist Jason Sauer will be showcasing his awe-inspiring sculptures at the highly anticipated Hamptons Fine Art Fair. Prepare to be enchanted as you witness the transformative power of Sauer’s artwork, born from the fusion of demolition derby chaos and artistic vision.

July 13-16, 2023

Vernissage – July 13, Benefits Guild Hall

Southampton fairgrounds

The Hamptons Art Fair: Taking place in the heart of the Hamptons, this prestigious art fair is a true celebration of artistic brilliance and cultural immersion. Set against the backdrop of the Hamptons’ historic arts community, the fair is embedded in the vibrant fabric of this captivating region. With its prime location on 17 acres, right on the main road connecting the Hamptons, the fair’s spectacular pavilion complex is a sight to behold.

Jason Sauer’s Sculptures: Sauer’s sculptures are an extraordinary testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the profound beauty that emerges from moments of chaos. Through his unique artistic process, he repurposes crashed and painted cars from demolition derbies, transforming their twisted remains into captivating works of art. These sculptures stand tall, reaching heights of 11 feet, capturing movement and energy within their intricate designs.

Symbolism and Meaning: Sauer’s artistry goes beyond aesthetics; it delves into the depths of symbolism. His sculptures feature motifs of doves and olive branches, powerful symbols of peace and hope. The juxtaposition of shattered elements fused into a unified whole reflects the delicate balance between chaos and harmony, destruction and creation. Each piece tells a visual narrative, inviting viewers to contemplate the transformative power of destruction and the pursuit of peace.

Join the Artistic Journey: We invite you to embark on an artistic journey unlike any other at the Hamptons Art Fair. Immerse yourself in the thought-provoking world of Jason Sauer’s sculptures, where wreckage becomes a canvas for new beginnings. Witness the interplay between chaos and serenity, and discover the enduring human spirit that perseveres through adversity.

Save the Date: Mark your calendars for the Hamptons Fine Art Fair and be captivated by Jason Sauer’s remarkable sculptures. This extraordinary event will take place at the Hamptons’ prime location, just minutes away from Southampton Village, renowned for its stylish shops, trendy restaurants, and esteemed art galleries. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the transformative power of art.

As the fair draws near, stay tuned for updates and exclusive insights into the captivating world of Jason Sauer’s sculptures. Follow us on social media and join us in celebrating the profound connection between art, resilience, and the pursuit of peace.

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